bitcoin10$ discount for paying with Bitcoin!

We’re offering 10$ off for people paying entirely in Bitcoin.  Why? 

  • Credit card fees and system costs keep increasing, and Bitcoin is radically cheaper and simpler.
  • We want to encourage broader use of Bitcoin.
  • We’re saving Bitcoin as a speculative investment.  We know it’s volatile, but so far it’s been our best speculative investment ever.
  • This helps balance out the $3 credit card fee we had to start charging this year.

To learn more, start here:

We’re always willing to buy and sell Bitcoin, also.

We’ve been using Bitcoin since we met Roger Ver at Anarchapulco in 2016.  Combining Bitcoin with has let us both save about 15% on most things we buy over the internet, and greatly reduce our use of credit cards on the internet.  We also use Bitcoin for donations to podcast and Internet content creators.

We began accepting Bitcoin payments in February 2015. Reservation deposits or full payments can be sent to us at our current deposit address: 12vdsaJGDHizxW2BLHLeQxQDVS8V9vkAyK