Creative Business Ideas These people bought an old run-down boat and turned it into a floating pizzeria, in a popular anchoring spot in the British Virgin Islands.  Sounds like a nice place to work, though I’m sure the small kitchen gets hot. … Continue reading

Who should vote? Decades ago my brother and I had a disagreement over the ideal model for democracy, with my Princeton-educated brother arguing that minimum education/knowledge requirements should exist to ensure that ignorant people don’t vote, or at least don’t vote on … Continue reading

Biomimickry vs. Human-Centered Design Does how we design and build stuff change because or our increasing separation from the natural world? The rapid urbanization we have witnessed over the last few decades is distancing us from the “realities of the natural world,” warns … Continue reading


Comic relief break.  I’ve never been too sure of exactly what Existentialism is, and looking up its Wikipedia page didn’t help much.  Is that the point? “…philosophical systems are wholly true for their founders only.” ~ Nietzsche, 1873/1962, Philosophy in … Continue reading