Asset Forfeiture I don’t see enough mention of asset forfeiture in recent years, despite the horrible precedents it sets for expectations of justice in this country and our relationship with law enforcement.  If you haven’t been on the losing … Continue reading

GIANT ROBOT POLICEMEN!!! To funny not to mention — in the Congo ‘robots’ are placed at intersections, with red/green flags and cameras.  More effective than policemen?  Perhaps because they appear to be 50 feet tall: … Continue reading

Oldest Human Fossil Found: 2.8 million years Let’s see, humans have been around for 2.8 million years, and we’ve done all the interesting stuff in the last 12,000 years, since the last ice age?  That seems fishy to me — could there be something we … Continue reading

Small Business Idea? Mushroom growing appears to be easy and cheap, once you learn the proper techniques.  Here’s a new technique for beginners.  It looks like fun to try at home, with the challenge being maintaining a sterile environment when starting and … Continue reading

Creative Business Ideas These people bought an old run-down boat and turned it into a floating pizzeria, in a popular anchoring spot in the British Virgin Islands.  Sounds like a nice place to work, though I’m sure the small kitchen gets hot. … Continue reading